Adding Measurable Value to Advisory Board Meetings

2018-03-05T13:01:45Z (GMT) by Stephen Casey

Objective: Conducting Advisory Boards is a large investment of time and money. Currently, 79% of all Advisory Boards continue to be conducted face-to-face (F2F).Tools to enhance and measure the success of Advisory Boards remain akey objective amongst biopharma organizations.

Challenge: A solutions provider supported the efforts of a large pharmaceutical company to enhance the productivity of a planned F2F Advisory Board meeting.

Solution: The solution provider conceived and developed a virtual work environment for Advisor preparation, engagement, and group research. The online platform concept to acquire stakeholder knowledge and insight became a cost-effective Advisor participation measurement tool pre-and post-the F2F meeting.


The closed loop portal overcame some of the challenges faced by the Medical Affairs department as they prepared for the

Advisory Board meeting including:

• Enhancing Advisor participation

• Cost-effectively expanding engagement opportunities

• Ensuring proper preparation of Advisors and stimulating discussion

• Measuring the knowledge base in aggregate and individually

• Productively collecting and sharing information

• Enabling Advisor interaction on their own schedules

• Facilitating continuity from one meeting to the next




CC BY 4.0