Driving Patient-Centricity Through KOL Feedback Analysis

2018-02-25T18:15:22Z (GMT) by Matthew Doscher Carson Hurt
OBJECTIVE A Top-10 pharmaceutical company sought to establish innovative patient-centric companywide initiatives. The company partnered with a life science benchmarking firm seeking to pioneer new programs to improve patient care by simplifying the lives of doctors. The project’s goal was to determine ways to alleviate external stresses, so doctors can dedicate more time and energy to their patients.

CHALLENGE The pharmaceutical company’s challenge was to determine the most time-consuming activities regularly performed by doctors. By identifying these particularly vexing responsibilities, the company hoped to establish programs that can help lessen the burden of these activities.

SOLUTION A double-blinded feedback survey was conducted of over 500 doctors across four regions and over 25 therapeutic areas about their common challenges — such as patient non-adherence — along with their interactions with life science company representatives. The survey provided in-depth insights and direct feedback from KOLs about their current and preferred methods of interactions with pharmaceutical representatives, as well as changes they want to see in these interactions, preferred representative characteristics, and the challenges they face daily

OUTCOME AND BENEFITS Of the physicians surveyed, reimbursement, misinformation, technology issues and insufficient access to patients are some of the most commonly reported challenges. In response to these findings, the pharmaceutical company made strides to improve their patient education materials and potentially create a program to assist with logistical challenges that patients may face. These programs can strengthen relationships with the company’s thought leaders, and significantly improve overall patient care.



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