Implementation of a Globally Scalable Software Solution to Connect and Support Medical Affairs Activities

Objective Otsuka, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, required a globally scalable software platform to provide connectivity, consistency, and support across medical affairs-managed activities. Challenge Otsuka had implemented earlier separate solutions, but required a single replacement with greater global scalability, flexibility, and cross-activity coverage. Several legacy data sources and systems required amalgamation as part of the implementation. Solution The web-based Otsuka “Medical Affairs Ecosystem” was introduced to compliantly plan and manage requests for health outcomes projects, investigator sponsored studies, medical education grants, and charitable contributions, as well as receive and distribute publications and medical materials. A novel master documentation approach was utilized to facilitate data migration, specific workflow definitions, testing, and configuration. An internal and external communication program was developed to improve adoption, including program-specific landing pages, and user support materials. Outcome A staged rollout plan was developed and implemented, beginning with US launch for all programs in late 2017, with health outcomes projects and investigator sponsored studies expanding to European and Japanese geographies in 2018. The platform streamlines activities from submission, review and approval, to project reconciliation. Functionality was developed to allow for advanced adaptable request reviews, organization management, budget management, and outcome-related reconciliations for medical education projects. Benefits The implementation process undertaken was comprehensive — meeting data migration, process establishment, communication, and future global scalability objectives, including local language adaptation and translation. Otsuka has implemented a scalable Medical Affairs Platform for companies around the world, providing transparency, tracking, reporting, and process alignment across activities, and offering significant cost savings over time.