Managing communications activities for a multi-drug, multi-indication oncology portfolio

Objective: To describe an effective approach that addresses the challenges and needs associated with managing the communications activities for a multi-drug, multi-indication oncology portfolio. • Challenge/problem: Oncology agents hold a distinct position in the pantheon of therapeutics, as many of these agents can treat >1 type of cancer. Correspondingly, communication strategies surrounding these agents present a unique challenge in that information must simultaneously maintain a consistent scientific narrative for the drug itself while meeting the specific needs for the differing tumor types. This problem is further complicated when a franchise of agents is considered. • Solution: In collaboration with a medical communications consultancy partner, a multi-pronged strategy for aligning scientific messaging among key oncology brands was developed. Key components of this strategy included: (1) development of and achieving consensus on a core clinical narrative for each agent; (2) alignment of the scientific platforms to the consensus narratives; (3) development of medical objectives based on the communications needs; and (4) creation of a unified communication strategy that capitalizes on synergies within and between agents. Novel strategies for developing consensus and tracking metrics will be discussed. • Outcome: Consensus was reached quickly, informed by novel live and virtual interactions in 2016-2017. Communication plans were subsequently developed and actioned, and metrics were monitored over time. Plan revisions were minimal and consistent with natural expansions of brand strategy. • Benefit: A collaborative unified approach to a portfolio strategy for communicating key scientific messages for oncology assets proved to be an effective and efficient means of disseminating pertinent information.




CC BY 4.0