Successfully Operationalizing a Franchise-Level Scientific Communication Platform

Objective: To ensure consistency in language and communication points across a franchise of products by developing a franchise-level scientific communication platform (SCP) and creating a tool for its dissemination for use by a cross-functional team. Challenge/Problem: A franchise-level SCP was needed to achieve broad alignment on external communications supporting the products, leverage strengths and opportunities, and optimize differentiation in a competitive landscape. An efficient, user-friendly, interactive “one-pager” was requested to disseminate the communication points and facilitate implementation of the SCP. Solution: A cross-functional workshop was conducted in partnership with the solution provider to develop the SCP with input from medical affairs, clinical, regulatory, health economics, patient advocacy, and commercial delegates. To effectively operationalize the SCP, the solution provider and project lead collaborated to develop a noneditable, interactive PDF tool that provided easy access to key information including franchise objectives, key communication points, and recommended counterpoints (challenge/answer) to anticipated questions/arguments. Outcome: Clinical and field medical teams were provided with the electronic tool following a demonstration and training related to its navigation and content. The asset was designed for easy navigation using a tablet, smartphone, or computer during interactions with thought leaders. Benefits: The SCP served as a road map for consistent dissemination of key product- and disease state–specific scientific data to support the benefits of products in the franchise. The easy-to-use tool was met with positive feedback on its utility. Furthermore, uptake of the communication points was seen almost immediately, with the specific scientific language directly used in both internal and external presentations.



CC BY 4.0